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So after all these years saying how I will put it on the list, I'm finally putting one together. All the books I want to read, all the movies and TV shows I want to watch. Feel free to suggest some to me as well. Thank you :)

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Friends only.

3 simple rules.
If I know you, I friend you.
If you tell me why are you adding me, I add you back.
If you friend without any other word, I wont add you back.


Fandoms. Doctor Who. Sherlock. Luther. Game of Thrones. The Borgias. Sanctuary. The Pretender. Misfits. The Fades. Dexter. James Bond (Daniel Craig Era)
Movies. Paprika. Midnight in Paris. Another Earth. I am Sam. Lost in Translation. Howls Moving Castle.X-Men. Skyfall. Summer Wars.
Music. Muse. Placebo. Massive Attack. Travis. Best Coast. Thriving Ivory. Julia Stone. The Arcade Fire. The Prodigy. B-complex. The Chemical Brothers. Queen.
People. Amanda Tapping. Catherine Tate. Judi Dench. Benedict Cumberbatch. Idris Elba. James McAvoy. David Tennant. Matt Smith. Lea Michele. Jennifer Carpenter. Martin Freeman. Natalie Dormer. Dakota Fanning. Adele. Robin Dunne.
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For my fanfiction I am using material/characters which are intangible rights of people that aren't in any way associated with me. I have no gain from my work other than mere feedback. Also, my works involve real living people, I mean no harm to them, and mostly everything found in my stories IS NOT TRUE. If you found this kinds of works repulsive, please just leave my journal.

For graphics found on my journal I always try and give proper credit, it can happen that a gif or icon are found on places where the author is unknowns, please do not see it as I am trying to steal your work, I am not. My graphic abilities are nonexistent and you can see that its made by me, if the credit isn't given, I simply didn't know who did it. If you find something made by you and proper credit isn't given, contact me immediately (via comment or PM).

Thank you for understanding!
Christopher Tietjens//

one change. one time.

Just got back from the teambuilding session and well, quite unexpectedly I had a really great time, though I managed to get drunk and did some stupid shit but I asked thousand times and no one was offended or anything. Boss didn't do anything weird either so that seems to be settled, whatever it was it was obviously a temporary insanity that vanished, and I am really relieved. I also talked about it with my sister and she told me it's possible that since I feel comfortable in his company and his proximity helps, it's possibly the same for him and that could be a reason for his behaviour. And that does make a lot of sense.

But really, I was worried about the weekend and it was just fantastic, we laughed so much, and had fun and talked a lot that maybe we really could be a good team one day. Well, since just the half of us were there, maybe not too. But these moments when we laughed so much we cried will be forever imprinted on my mind, I'm glad I didn't forget those.

I'm off to sleep now because EXHAUSTED.
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when the nothing will become something.

Where did the week go damnit? It simply flies by without nothing really happening and then you are sitting here wondering when will life really begin.

Not really much happned, so there is pretty much nothing to report. The election ended quite well considering and it seems the second round might be much more important. I am not happy with either of the candidates but I am sure who I don't want to win, so choosing is easy. At least, the idiot didn't get as much votes as everyone expected so the faith in my country might be slowly returning.

The weekend was lazy, I didn't work in the end, properly cleaned the apartment and ended up watching Only Lovers Left Alive and hm, I kept expecting someone to pass me pot afterwards, the music, the atmosphere felt so....surreal, but both Tom Hiddlestona and Tilda Swinton are absolutely exceptional, worth to watch for them alone.

Work is as always, except I ended up with giant migraine from Monday till Wednesday, worked from home on Tuesday but the other two I was in the office and it was pure torture, next time I am taking sick day and that's it, it was not worth it in the slightest.

But good things might be happening too, yesterday I got a call that the French course I wanted to take is happening next week, so yay, it will take my mind of things. I also decided to again try and organize something, so I booked some places for weekend after my birthday and made my friend invite all our friends for a weekend, and it seems people want to come, so yay, a weekend away with my friends, that's exactly what I need.

(And not I am not thinking about my contact at all except my colleague told me yesterday that I SHOULD already talk to my boss about it.)

That shall be all, I am still not writing (ugh), still not catching up on shows (ugh), to be honest, the only thing I want to do these days is to sleep, but I think it might be migraine slowly vanishing, because I am absolutely sure that if I would lie down, I would be asleep in a bit.

Hope you'll all have a lovely weekend.
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Eva Green //

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For  unknown reasons I finally posted the first chapter of my crime-fantasy novel, Shadows in Wonderland, so if you're interested, read HERE, but please be aware of the warnings.
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Rudy Wade //

train of thoughs (?). there is a pun hidden somewhere.

sometimes I feel like I leave all my troubles on the train, because work stress is nothing compared to life at home.

Spent most of my weekend with my parents, we went to visit a family we havent seen for a long time and I got asked a lot about potential boyfriends and like always, it made me feel very uncomfortable, sometimes I feel like I am the failure just for not having one. And it once again turned my thoughts back to Michael who got back on Friday. I was supposed to go out with him and his sister that night but I was too tired. I saw him today, invited them both to come and visit me in Bratislava and it seems they really plan to. It freaked me out for many reasons, and I once again got confused about my feelings for him.

I was okay, I really was, and then people start to talk about having families and my parents wanting grandchildren and I am on it once again. I couldnt stop thinking about him on the train, but once I got off, all was well again.

Thank god for Bratislava (saw a guy with a sing "BARTISLAVA" on his shirt, it made me laugh).

This week shall be work-wise once again interesting, and I havent slept all that much this weekend and I am exhausted. I alse feel a deep need to explain to my parents that I am NOT in love with Michael (I invited him over because he wanted to borrow some of my fathers movies) and to his sister, that I would love her to come over alone too (because when I mentioned the invite to him, I was 100% sure he wouldnt even consider it).

I also really, deeply, aboslutely neccessarily need a life.
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I cut off people who I suspect friended me just because of my fics. If you're one of them and you still want to be friends, let me know, for the others, my fics will be posted ONLY to karla_land. I also want to emphasize that there wont be NO MORE Tatennant fics in the future and yes, I'm sure. You can read those on my comm when you join, I will accept everyone of you. The ones from my personal journal will be shortly transferred to my AO3 account. I have my reasons for that and since there is a big wave of them both in tatennant tag on tumblr and on AO3, I'm sure mine wont be missed.