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03 August 2020 @ 03:50 pm
For my fanfiction I am using material/characters which are intangible rights of people that aren't in any way associated with me. I have no gain from my work other than mere feedback. Also, my works involve real living people, I mean no harm to them, and mostly everything found in my stories IS NOT TRUE. If you found this kinds of works repulsive, please just leave my journal.

For graphics found on my journal I always try and give proper credit, it can happen that a gif or icon are found on places where the author is unknowns, please do not see it as I am trying to steal your work, I am not. My graphic abilities are nonexistent and you can see that its made by me, if the credit isn't given, I simply didn't know who did it. If you find something made by you and proper credit isn't given, contact me immediately (via comment or PM).

Thank you for understanding!