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20 October 2013 @ 11:02 pm
train of thoughs (?). there is a pun hidden somewhere.  
sometimes I feel like I leave all my troubles on the train, because work stress is nothing compared to life at home.

Spent most of my weekend with my parents, we went to visit a family we havent seen for a long time and I got asked a lot about potential boyfriends and like always, it made me feel very uncomfortable, sometimes I feel like I am the failure just for not having one. And it once again turned my thoughts back to Michael who got back on Friday. I was supposed to go out with him and his sister that night but I was too tired. I saw him today, invited them both to come and visit me in Bratislava and it seems they really plan to. It freaked me out for many reasons, and I once again got confused about my feelings for him.

I was okay, I really was, and then people start to talk about having families and my parents wanting grandchildren and I am on it once again. I couldnt stop thinking about him on the train, but once I got off, all was well again.

Thank god for Bratislava (saw a guy with a sing "BARTISLAVA" on his shirt, it made me laugh).

This week shall be work-wise once again interesting, and I havent slept all that much this weekend and I am exhausted. I alse feel a deep need to explain to my parents that I am NOT in love with Michael (I invited him over because he wanted to borrow some of my fathers movies) and to his sister, that I would love her to come over alone too (because when I mentioned the invite to him, I was 100% sure he wouldnt even consider it).

I also really, deeply, aboslutely neccessarily need a life.
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