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21 March 2014 @ 09:29 am
when the nothing will become something.  
Where did the week go damnit? It simply flies by without nothing really happening and then you are sitting here wondering when will life really begin.

Not really much happned, so there is pretty much nothing to report. The election ended quite well considering and it seems the second round might be much more important. I am not happy with either of the candidates but I am sure who I don't want to win, so choosing is easy. At least, the idiot didn't get as much votes as everyone expected so the faith in my country might be slowly returning.

The weekend was lazy, I didn't work in the end, properly cleaned the apartment and ended up watching Only Lovers Left Alive and hm, I kept expecting someone to pass me pot afterwards, the music, the atmosphere felt so....surreal, but both Tom Hiddlestona and Tilda Swinton are absolutely exceptional, worth to watch for them alone.

Work is as always, except I ended up with giant migraine from Monday till Wednesday, worked from home on Tuesday but the other two I was in the office and it was pure torture, next time I am taking sick day and that's it, it was not worth it in the slightest.

But good things might be happening too, yesterday I got a call that the French course I wanted to take is happening next week, so yay, it will take my mind of things. I also decided to again try and organize something, so I booked some places for weekend after my birthday and made my friend invite all our friends for a weekend, and it seems people want to come, so yay, a weekend away with my friends, that's exactly what I need.

(And not I am not thinking about my contact at all except my colleague told me yesterday that I SHOULD already talk to my boss about it.)

That shall be all, I am still not writing (ugh), still not catching up on shows (ugh), to be honest, the only thing I want to do these days is to sleep, but I think it might be migraine slowly vanishing, because I am absolutely sure that if I would lie down, I would be asleep in a bit.

Hope you'll all have a lovely weekend.
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lytab5lytab5 on March 28th, 2014 11:26 am (UTC)
Oh no, migraines are THE WORST! I used to get them regularily... I hope you feel better now! *hugs*

Also, yay for the French course!:-)